Dros Rapist Nicholas Ninow Caught Raping A Mentally ill Child At Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital - Family Tries To Keep It Private

Dros Rapist Nicholas Ninow has raped yet another child who is mentally ill at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital - Pretoria, South Africa...

This comes after the court ruled that #DrosRaoist Nicholas Ninow will be evaluated by three clinical psychologists during his stay at the Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital in Pretoria.

It is believed that the first clinical psychologists had just finished with Nicholas Ninow and left him in Psychiatric room where he was being evaluated, the doctor left Ninow there to go and compile a report on the evaluation.

Nicholas Ninow was left unattended because the room where he was being evaluated can only be opened from outside, so even though Ninow was unattended he was not going anywhere since there was no way he could open the door from inside.

A child was wondering around the Psychiatric Hospital and nurses assume she was playing hide and seek with her imaginary friends as she always does. while wondering the walls of the hospital, she opened the psychiatric room where Nicholas Ninow was stationed and found Ninow inside waiting for the second doctor to come and evaluate him.
When the second doctor opened the room to evaluate Ninow, he was stunned to have found Nicholas Ninow with pants down raping a mentally ill child.

The doctor pulled Ninow away from the child and immediately called the hospital guards who detained Ninow. The names and age of the child have been withheld to protect the identity of the child.

This story was brought to us by one of the hospital guards that helped detain Nicholas Ninow when the doctor found him ontop of a mentally ill child. We could not get anymore information out of him because he feared for his job, but more than that he wants Nicholas Ninow to be hela accountable for what he did to that mentally ill child.

At the moment a case of rape has not been opened yet, rumor has it that Nicholas Ninow's family is trying to keep this matter quiet and resolve this issue internally with only the hospital and the family of the victim. But our mole at the hospital believes that Ninow should be punished for this evil crime.

We will bring you more on the story as it unfolds.

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