Gay socialite Somizi Mhlongo Launches His Own Dating App Strictly For Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals

Gay Socialite and SA Idols presenter has revealed that he is launching an app strictly for the LGBT community!

Somizi's app is called SameSex Life

The app is apparently aimed at creating a community where gays, lesbians and bisexuals are accepted, appreciated and not judged. The idea came to Somizi after he realized that so many people are not accepted in their community and that's when he decided to create an online community where they belong.

According to Somizi there are thousands of gay people allover south africa if not the world who are scared to come out as gays because they see how the community treats other gays in that particular community.

So basically there could be ten other gays in the same street as you but you would never know because they are scared to come out to the community as gays. But now gays can join SameSex.Life community and never get judged but instead get accepted, and the best app is that the app will suggest gays who are in the same area as you.

So basically if there are ten gays in your community who scared to come out then they can join sameSex.life communty and then the app will connect you all and then you all can start living life to the fullest without fear of being judged. The app is private and exclusive to gays and lesbians only so rest assured that your details and your sexual life will remain private and only know to fellow members of samsex.life