KZN girl is trying to trade her virginity for R70 000 to pay for her studies

– A girl wants us to help her trade her virginity for at least R70 000.

– She claims the money is for her studies and to help her family.

– She is a UNISA student doing her second year.

– She is 19-years-old, the eldest child in her family.

A 19-year-old had been reaching out to us for two weeks and we’ve been ignoring but she keeps on coming back. Zodwa, not her real name want to trade her virginity to the highest bidder starting at R70k. The young lady says she is the eldest daughter and her mother is unemployed.

Here’s what she claims is leading her to take drastic majors.

“My father died last year, he was a taxi driver but he was a good breadwinner and we were comfortable when he was alive. When he died everything fell apart we started sleeping hungry and sometime I couldn’t even afford a taxi to UNISA in town. I was so stressed I failed so many modules in 2017.
I am doing Law, The bursary dropped me and I couldn’t register because of lack of funds. We are living off my younger siblings grants. I really need money and I know there are men who really like to break girls virginity. My virginity is my pride but I think I would swap it for a degree if I found someone who is interested.
All I need is to catch up the modules I failed so I can be eligible for the bursary again. I believe in hard work and the only thing I can offer right now is my dignity. People can judge all they want”.
We are not going to have a South African girl sell her pride and her dignity so she could go to school and we are not going to give any info about her. Anyone who is willing to help contact us on Twitter or on Facebook

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