Malusi Gigaba Signs Million-Dollar Sex Toy Deal, To Create Life-Size Molds Of His penis With Top American S3x Toy Company

Former Minister Malusi Gigaba has apologized to the Nation as well as his family and he also admitted he was a tad embarrassed when a video of his penis leaked on social media, but it looks like the former Minister Of Home Affairs is getting the last laugh. Malusi Gigaba has reportedly landed a million-dollar deal with American sex toy company Doc Johnson to make life-size molds of his manhood.

It is unclear how much Malusi Gigaba will earn from this deal, but reports claim it is at least seven figures. Production will reportedly be starting soon, which means customers could pre-order the goods as early as Dec. 2018, with hopes of receiving the shipment by Valentine’s Day 2019.
The top American Sex toy company learned about Malusi Gigaba and his Gigabyte after it was revealed that his 4-5 was the most searched "thing" on the web, and it was discovered that most of the searches were done by women.

It also helped a lot that thousands of women took to social media to show love and appreciation to Malusi Gigaba's big manhood, a lot of women made it obvious how much they want Gigaba's 4-5 and since they can't have the real thing because Gigaba is married. The American sex toy company is going to make a real life size mold of Gigaba's 4-5'

Watch the video below where one woman explains just how much she wants Gigaba's 4-5:

It was also revealed that Malusi Gigaba's 4-5 was trending on the number one spot on the world's biggest adult website p0r_n Hub.

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