Pearl wants to have sex with 1000 people - here are the rules if you want to participate

Pearl Derriere - who stopped counting her sexual partners when she hit 100, aged 21 – is aiming to have 1,000 people at the event, beating the Japanese record of 500.
And the 29-year-old has some strict rules revellers must follow, including bringing a friend, wearing condoms and ditching mobile phones.
Pearl, of Denver, USA, became inspired by attending numerous private sex parties.
She is also an advocate of the “sex positive” movement, which embraces safe and consensual sexual experimentation.
She said: “People may think my lifestyle makes me greedy for sex, but that isn’t the case.
“But I stopped counting how many people I’d slept with once it hit over 100.
“People assume sex parties are something which have surfaced very recently - the truth is they have always existed, they've just been underground and under our noses the whole time.”
Pearl, who will attend the mass orgy - the date and location of which remain a closely guarded secret within the sex positive community – worked in an insurance company before moving into the sex industry in 2012.
In her office job, she claims to have been sent to HR because her relationship with a married woman at work had made her co-workers “feel uncomfortable,” despite her girlfriend’s husband giving it his blessing.
Still openly polyamorous – enjoying a relationship with more than one partner - she currently lives with her boyfriend Dan Patrick, 35, who works in hospitality, and visits her “homemaker” girlfriend Tomi Tailey, 30, in Dallas.
Her partners, who have shared a bed with her, but have not had sex together, are also happy for her to have casual liaisons with other people at orgies.

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