Pupils suspended for ‘fainting’ to King Monada’s song in class - watch video

The teacher has challenged the pupils to take her to court if they disagree with her decision.

Pupils from an unidentified school were suspended after taking the ‘fainting challenge’ to the classroom, infuriating their teacher. It was also unclear when the incident occurred.
In a video that has gone viral, the pupils can be seen waiting for the teacher to sit down before ‘fainting’ to the song.
The upset teacher tells the pupils she doesn’t want to see them in her class for the rest of the term.
“You can go to wherever. I’ve heard it up to here, you can go to court with me, I am so willing,” she says.

While some found the children’s behaviour to be amusing, others said it was sad that the South African classroom had been reduced to comedy.
Rene Carelse commented: “What is so funny most of you who comment in favour of this kids might be finished with school. School is not a Trevor Noah session. It’s where kids have [to] get education to become the next great practitioner, lawyer, law enforcement officer, chef, hairstylist, architect, etc, etc… School is not a place where disobedient comedians are groomed. So please instead of joking about the incident be respectful. I notice a lot of followers in this clip and it’s an indication that there is no leadership qualities among them. As a parent [I know] my kid will never try to [be] a follower of disobedience, I will deal with him accordingly.”
Limpopo musician King Monada recently released a hit song Malwedhe, which means disease. In the song, he talks about a person who gets a disease that leads to fainting if their partner cheats.
He sings: “If you cheat, I faint. If you don’t come home, I faint. If your phone is off, I faint.
“If I call and a nyatsi answers, I faint, and if you don’t give me money, I faint.”
The song has seen fans dancing to it and pretending to faint to the lyrics.

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