Young Pastor 'Richard' Dies After Having An Affair With King Monada's Fiance - Monada Wasn't Kidding About The 'Passport' He Will Make If You Take His Woman

A young Venda Pastor who was preaching the Gospel in Bolobedu has lost his life and was buried yesterday in Venda.

According to reports the young pastor by the name of Richard was having an affair with King Monada's fiance 'Ntebatse Cynthia Lion' whom Monada had recently paid lobola for.

After paying lobola for Ntebatse Lion, King Monada went ahead and released a song titled 'passport'. The lyrics of the song basically say "this is my last woman, if you take her i am going to bewitch you, not just bewitch you but i will make a passport and then i will go and bewitch you using a very powerful sangoma out of the country!"

The passing of the young pastor has left a lot of people wondering if King Monada is joking or not when it comes to his hit song titled passport.

It has raised concerns and now people think that Monada may have done something spiritual to cause the accident which killed Pastor Richard and his companion.

According to sources close to Pastor Richard's family, Ntebatse Cynthia Lion attended Richard's funeral in Venda with her Monther, but Richard's family attacked Ntebatse Lion. This has led many to believe that even Richard's family believes that King Monada did make that passport to deal with their son Richard spritually.

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