Members of parliament are secretly negotiating for salary increment and generational benefits

– South African members of parliament want salary increment.

– Surprising the is no opposition they are all united for this one.

– Only one party have not signed the memorandum.

– They want R2.5 million annually and more benefit.

– They introduced the term generational benefits.

You’ll be surprised to learn that there is one thing that all members of parliament agree on behind closed doors. Salary Increment. Yes, your favourite leader wants a salary increase. These politicians who are already taking home over million rand and luxurious benefits for running their mouth are about to get themselves a salary increase. Only cope leader haven’t signed the memorandum yet

What we know.

Disclaimer: This information is credible although it was acquired illegally. No source will be disclosed and no documents will be published. We are publishing this article on behalf of a South African well know twitter vigilante.
A memorandum that appears to have had originated and edited by Three leaders from three different political parties. DA, EFF and the ANC had been signed by almost every member of parliament. The memo is about salary increment and generational benefits. The members of parliament want to take home over  R2.5 million annually, they also added new benefits and want the existing benefits to be increased.
A new term they just coined, Generational benefits appears on the memo. They want to pass on the benefits to a beneficiary who will also pass the benefits to another beneficiary and so on. The leader of COPE haven’t signed the memo yet but it doesn’t make any difference.

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