Prophet Bushiri to appear on Skeem Sam and bring back T'bose from the dead

The death of Skeem Saam character Tbose Maputla played by Cornet Mamabolo left a lot of fans upset and devastated on Tuesday night.
The popular character died after he got in top fight with his nephew Noah which led him to being stabbed on his heart.
Shortly after the episode aired, fans took to their social media asking themselves if it is the end of Tbose’s character. Views shared their messages of heart breaks as they couldn’t believe what just happened.
The producers of the hit telenova did not ignore the fans who made it clear that they didn't want T'bose Maputla's character to end.

One of the fans is none other that Prophet Bushiri who took it upon himself to get to get in touch with the producers of the show.

Bushiri also expressed how he didn't want the character of Thabo Maputla to end and it seems they came up with a brilliant solution where Bushiri will briefly appear on Skeem Sam and bring back Thabo Maputla back from the dead.

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