Back To School starts on a racist note as black kids are separated from white kids at Schweizer-Reneke Laerskool #BackToSchool

Children are not born racist, they are instead taught segregation and that is exactly what is being taught at Schweizer-Reneke Laerskool.

It really is a disturbing sight to bear. Especially with the currently racial tension weighing the country.

One would think that one of the best strategies to eradicate racism in this country is making sure that our children grow up not even knowing what racism is, our children growing up knowing the only race being the human race.

But how will we achieve that while racism is being taught and practiced at this particular school??
On this first day of school an image surfaced on social media where black kids are separated from white kids. On the image you can see white kids seated on their nice desks being takeng a picture while black kids watch from the corner with envy.
This image was first posted by Twitter public protector and Black twitter CIC 'Man's Not Barry Roux' and he captioned it:

"Schweizer-Reneke Laerskool, racism displayed on 1st day of school. Whites are separated from Blacks, if you look closely, you will see 4 black kids sitting near the door, and White kids happily sitting properly in a class. "

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