Bored Skeem Saam fans want Kat and Candice’s relationship to end

Skeem Saam fans have called for the end of Kat and Candice's relationship before the pair bore them to sleep.
The couple are at the centre of a hectic plan being cooked by Lehasa after Kat made it clear he no longer wanted to work with the man.
On Wednesday night's episode a lawyer told Kat about a claus in his lease agreement, which meant Lehasa could renew it whenever he wanted and was not required to sell to sell the property. 
It has caused stress for both Kat and Candice but fans are hoping for a resolution soon so the pair can go live their best lives away from all the drama.
Here are some of the tweets by fans:

"Mpotjeng mo

ke mang a kile a bona Kat le Candice kissing ko " - @MoHano80

"Kat and his girlfriend feeling like badasses...kante they actually nuisances " - @simply_gugs

"I'd rather watch Koloi's fam rather than Kat's whack acting " - @tsepisowitbooi

"even in 2019 we still have to deal with Candice and Katlego 😐😐 " - @Khanyanorman

"Kat and candice the most boring couple ever on earth " - @naenelidio

"Katlego ke cry baby sies

" - @MachdonaldM

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