Bushiri labelled arrogant after he said: "i will not leave South Africa because of 14 people burning tires outside my church"

Bushiri says he is not closing his church and he is not leaving South Africa.
"He says he can not be intimidated by 14 people burning tires outside his church, while they can't even get in. He says he is bigger than that and it will take morethan 14 people to close ECG.."
Bushiri said all this in a live stream video which has since ended.

The video was Bushiri's response to the strike which took place outside his church where members of the community were calling for Bushiri to pack and go back to Malawi... This comes after 4 people died at Bushiri's church in December and Bushiri tried to conceal the incident by removing bodies of the deceased from the scene before police could arrive.
A case of defeating the ends of justice has since been opened against Bushiri and his church...

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