Bushiri tried to hide the bodies of people who died in his church - now protesters outside his church want him to go back to Malawi [WATCH]

Protesters, gathered outside the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church in Pretoria West, are stopping congregants from entering the church.
The protesters believe that people died in Bushiri's church as a year end sacrifice and they are calling for Bushiri to pack and go back to Malawi. Bushiri and church officials are facing a case of defeating the ends of justice and of interfering with police work after they tried to hide the bodies of the people who died in his church by placing them in a private mortuary instead of waiting for authorities to come and take statements and place the bodies in a government owned mortuary for autopsy.

According to reports, the four congregants died as a result of a stampede in Bushiri's church.

According to an informed source with the ECG, it has been confirmed all entrances of the ECG Church in Pretoria West have been blocked by protesters!
The official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that during the Watch Over Service, people were pressing against the doors before they opened; as soon as doors were opened, a stampede ensued as people jostled to get in.
“Unfortunately three people were stepped on, and they lost their lives. We hear that a fourth person that was injured during this stampede, has also died.”
The official however, informed the us that the ECG Church is closed for the next two weeks. This is because every year since it’s inception, the ECG churches all over the world are closed for the first two weeks of January.
This means that the ECG Church in Pretoria is being attacked while there is nobody there.
“Attempts to get an official confirmation on this, proved futile as our phone calls to the ECG, went unanswered.
But we will keep our readers posted on further developments as they unfold.

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