EXPOSED: How AKA blackmailed Bonang and her Minister boyfriend with a s***x tape for them to promote fella in Versace

A Messy Love ❤️ Triangle With S***ex tapes almost destroyed Bonang Matheba’s image but thank God for Minister bae..

If you missde out on our last expose on AKA and Bonang then let's recap on it a little bit. The expose detailed the real reason why AKA and Bonang broke up. Which apparently was because there was another man in Bonang's life and the man is a goverment official, a whole minister infact. So according to our mole, the minister instructed AKA to back off from Bonang or he will make sure that AKA's songs never get played on radion ever again.

Anyway today we not getting into that, so if you missed the exposed the click the link belw to read the whole thing:
Real Reason why Bonang and AKA broke up: you will be SHOCKED

Ok now lets get to Bonang's s- ex tape and how it worked to AKA's advantage.

So according to our mole on twitter  AKA has this thing of making s***ex videos with all his girls, he also has one with Kairo’s mom and he also has one with Mo’ghel Bonang. When AKA was instructed to end things with Bonang his Heart was shuttered But Thank god for Nicole NYAba, she was there to support him. if you dont remeber Nicole Nyaba she is that girl who went live on a video and threatened to leak Bonang's s***x tape. Apparently she was having an affair with AKA.
So AKA this one time left his laptop 💻 Around the house so Nicole was Busy playing with it Then boom she also saw those s***ex videos so when she was talking about Bonang’s nu**des the Girl was telling the truth.. and when she said a video of Bonang and her bestie Video, she was talking about Dj Zinhle’s video, remember Bonang and Zinhle used to be buddies.
So AKA Wanted Some Attention around his Album so he wanted to “Leak the video” So he could get some Press , Bonang Couldn’t afford this humiliation so that’s When Minister bae Made a deal with Mega that he was gonna promote his album .

So Fela In Versace becomes that Number one hit because the Minister Called all radio 📻 Executives To AirPlay the song so The s***ex tape Couldn’t be leaked.
According @MzansiWoodTea , Bonang Matheba sent her a message on twitter asking her to delete the thread of tweets which were exposing her skeletons!

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