It's not a DUSTBIN it's a CADDI - Polokwane mom speaks after social media said she made her son carry a dustbin to school on the first day(pictures)

Year after year, every January South Africa's social media gets lit with proud parents posting pictures of their bundles of joy on their first day at school.

It has been on hell of a week, some bundles of joy were excited to be going back to school while some did not not like the idea at all and had to be dragged to school. We even saw a few videos on social media where one kid wanted to jump over the school fence and go home, and another one of a little girl who was dancing vosho all the way to school.

But one bundle of joy in particular grabbed the most attention when pictures of him started trending on social media. On the pictures the bundle of joy is seen carrying what looks like a dustbin or a cooler box to school. Social media was ablaze with people asking why would the mother make him carry a dustbin to school, while other people thought maybe the boy sells juice at school and the cooler box is to keep his stock cold.

Ofcourse upon seeing the comments on social media, the mother decided to speak out on the issue of her bundle of joy and what the media assumed is a dustbin. The whose name is Sewela from Plolokwane set the record straight and told everyone that it is not a dustbin and it is not a cooler box, it is called a Caddi and it is expensive it costs R1200, said the mother.

Sewela says her son uses that Caddi to carry his books, his lunch, his jacket all in one. She says the Caddie is good for her budle of joy because if it rains his books are safe they won't get wet. And her son can sit on the Caddi while he waits for transport because the Caddie is strong.

One social media user commented and said it's not safe to disclose how much it costs because now Tsotsis are gonna be robbing these school kids to steal these Caddies.

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