Meet Miss Melanie the teacher who bullied a pupil until she committed suicide at Vorentoe High School

Vorentoe High School is a school situated in Studente Ave, Rossmore, Johannesburg.

On their school website, their motto is "Serving the learning community to provide quality education, guidance, a safe learning environment and to install a culture of learning."

But there is a horrible Mathematics teacher at that very same school who is doing the exact opposite.

Miss Melanie Ollier is a teacher at this school and she bullied a student until the student opted to taking her own life. The student's name was Nicole Mnguni and her story was shared on facebook and it sparked outrage. Here is her story:

Nicole Mnguni took her life after she returned from school to fetch her report which was not given to her, though her mom wrote a letter to the school pleading that they give her the report because she can't make it, but they still couldn't give Nicole Mnguni her report.

The girl has been a victim of harassment done by her Mathematics teach Miss Melanie Ollier, the school is aware of the case between the teacher and the pupil but couldn't take further action, the pupil wrote a letter to the district in September presenting her case however her plea fell to deaf ears, as there was no action taken against the Mathematics teacher, who mocked her, called her all sorts of names and she bumped she into the very same teacher at school, the teacher said to her, "she is stuck with her" the little girl left a very sad suicide note which was found by the mother Jeska Mnguni.
The suicide note left by Nicole goes into deep detail and how she couldn't go back to school to Miss Melanie Ollier, the mother found her daughter dead in their home kitchen in Klipspruit.

The school is aware of that one of the teachers has been harassing this little girl but couldn't act, even now they haven't made contact with the mom only the district did.

Police at Kliptown police station have opened a case against the accused. We want the school to be aware that we are aware that they're doing nothing to show sympathy to the Mnguni family.

This story was first posted on facebook and after the post a lot of other students of hers and former students of hers came out and told their stories of how she drove them to depression and anxiety where they also had suicide thoughts. See original Facebook post here

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