Nyatsi who was forced to strip and wash blankets speaks out in court after the humiliation

#KOKEMUSTFALL fall was the order of the day at the Odi Magistrate Court in Ga-Rankuwa North of Tshwane on Wednesday.
A group of women came to court to show support to the woman who was humiliated in a video that made rounds on social media recently.
The video shows a woman, Koketso Mogoshi, forcing another woman to wash her blankets naked for allegedly sleeping with her man and also forcing her to scrub the yard as if she was scrubbing a cement floor.
The woman who was humiliated spoke up about what happened.
She said Koketso called her on Sunday saying she wants to meet with her and she also promised that she won’t hurt her as she just wants to talk.
She said when they met, she was told that she should cooperate or they will hit her with a spade on the head.
“She told me that we were going to her man’s place, when I refused she threatened to hit me with the spade that she was carrying and she will leave me to bleed,” she said.   
The woman said when she got to the man’s place, Koketso instructed the Boyfriend Pule Mosenye to fill up water so she can wash the blankets.
“I tried to run away but I couldn’t out run her, she slapped me in the face before telling me to strip naked and wash their blankets."

“I begged Pule to help me but he refused and left me,” she said.
She said even Koketso was not the wife but just a girlfriend. The woman laid charges against Koketso and she appeared in court.
She was granted R1000 bail and her second appearance will be on the 17 January.
The women that came to support the victim were not happy with court for giving her bail.
Tlhalefeng Khoza said Koketso deserved a much harsher punishment for what she did.“The poor woman could’ve killed herself after such humiliation.
What she did was heartless and she didn’t deserve to be given bail,” she said. Odi Police Spokesman captain Samuel Sebola said Koketso is facing charges of common assault.

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