SAD: Zodwa Khoza obtained 7 distinctions but will not go to university - she has to take care of sick HIV positive mother and siblings

17-year-old Zodwa Khoza from rural KZN got 7 distinctions but she will not be going to any tertiary. When her Physical Science teacher saw her results he was shocked because her performance during the year was average. “I did not give her enough guidance about going into tertiary because I thought her Life Orientation teacher is taking care of that. Now I need help for her to go to school but there are other challenges”.

Peter Ndlovu, Science teacher
According to Ndlovu, Zodwa did not even collect her statement of results. “I went looking for her and found her at home sitting outside a one-room mud house feeding an infant, her baby sister. She had no clue the results came out and when I tell her she had 7 distinctions she only smiled a little”.
Ndlovu said he proceeded to ask her where she is going to study and he was shocked by her reply. “She told me she is not going anywhere and she did not bother by applying to any institution because she has to to care of her HIV positive mother and her four young siblings”.
Her mother only started ARV’s after giving birth three month ago and she is very sick. Her 3-month-old daughter was born HIV positive too. Zodwa is currently the mother and the father of the house. Her young siblings depend on her and their lively hood is SASSA grant.
“If anyone can help please click here to send us a message on facebook and will get your numbers and give them to Zodwa to get in touch with you, or alternatively we will call you while we are at her place. I am her teacher and want her to go to school, 7 distinctions cannot go to waste. If you call to her I will answer every question and how you can find Zodwa. If you cannot help at least share the story with someone who might help”

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