South Africa launches it's first ever gay dating app - download here if you are gay

The world is slowly but surely accepting gay people as members of society.

Some countries have even legalized same sex marriages.

South Africans have also witnessed the launch of their first ever gay dating app called SameSex Life. The app is already available on google playstore, once you install the app on your phone you will browse other gays and if you see anyone interesting you can send them a private message which they will receive instantly, just like when you send a message on whatsapp.

The app is compatible with all android devices, just download it from Google playstore using the above link.

Once you get to the google playstore when you read about the app here is what is written:

"SameSex.Life is an online network for the LGBT community, the online network started with a website called www.samesex.life and now has an app, so if you are gay, lesbian, bi or trans feel free to join SameSex gay dating network by downloading this app to hook up with others in our private community where everyone is welcome and no one is judged..."

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