You guys are not fair on Bushiri - watch Julius Malema sides with Major 1

EFF leader Julius Malema has promised to do a thread on Sunday to show how people are “unfair” on the self-acclaimed prophet Shepherd Burhuri.

This was after Man's Not Barry Roux tweeted that Last Sunday  we didn’t have Sunday Twitter due to the phone issues. It’s time to make it up to the Black Twitter Community.

"Under the powers vested on me by the Black Twitter Constitution I hereby open Sunday Twitter. #Bushiri."

Malema then replied to Man's Not Barry Roux  tweet that : "Advovo, I think you guys are unfair on #Bushiri and will do a thread on Sunday to give reasons why I think you are unreasonable. I won't deal with his criminal case but rather issues of spirituality.”

Some of the tweeps pleaded with Malema not to take that route but the EFF leader said he was not going to be stopped from engaging on issues.

He tweeted: "Do what? You want to take away my right to think. You won't do that; no one can do that. You can deal with a criminal case is fine; I don't want to get involved in that one because I don't have the facts.”

@RisonThobejane Tweeted "Hope you not gonna give people reason not to vote for EFF. Do politics and leave those kind of allegations to the public. Watch ur steps!

But the outspoken EFF leader hit back saying "You won't threaten me with votes, if you want to vote for none thinkers try next door, not me."
Some people accused Malema of being a member of the Bushiri church but he denied it.

Another told him to debate the issue only after the elections but he replied that "Do you only want me to think only after May 8?

Malema added Bushiri was "not charged for spiritual things in court. Therefore your argument is weak because issues are separated even in court.”

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