"Gugu Ncube who was raped at UNISA was never an employee of UNISA" - the university issues statement

The University of South Africa (UNISA) has issued a formal statement regarding an employee who was allegedly raped while working at UNISA and UNISA has clarified that Ggu Ncube was never an employee of the institution. Read the statement below:
Gugu Ncube stood outside the Union Buildings, wearing only a panty and another panty over her chest with a cloth placard.
She had been protesting the alleged sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of a superior colleague "Mhlava Edward Shivambu" while working at the University of South Africa (Unisa).
Ncube demanded to address President Cyril Ramaphosa about the matters, which she said was being ignored.

Not long after she began her protest, female police officers apprehended her and bundled her into the back of a police van.
After Gugu's arrest, it is alleged that he rapist sent Gugu messages boasting about what he did to her and reminding her that he told her no one would believe her. See messages below:
In the message Shivambu further explains that if Gugu does not stop what she is doing then what happened to Karabo will happen to her. For those that don't know what happened to Karabo, Karabo was killed and her body burnt by her forex trading boyfriend.

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