"Have sex with me every 2 months for a job that pays R11 000" - Riaan Smith of Briekfield Properties

A screen shot of a whatsapp conversation has gone viral on social media and the contents of the screenshot are very unpleasant.

On the screenshot that is currently making rounds on social media, a man who is said to be a one Riaan Smith of Briekfield Properties is explaining terms of employment to a woman, he tells the woman that in order to get the job she must have sex with him every two months.

Then the man further explains that the perks of the job, detailing that the woman will be paid double on her birthday month, which he explains it as a bonus.

He further sweetens the deal by offering her R2000 weekly for personal use.

To convince the woman to agree to this terms he further assures her that no one will ever know about the sexual part of the arrangement, not even the woman's husband.

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